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Phoenix Comic Con

Just returned from the Phoenix Comic Con.  What a great time.  Well organized convention and I highly recommend it.  I was working of course and had Gigi Edgley and David Franklin with me and they did quite well.  This convention is nicely spread out, well organized and this year was twice as busy as last year!  This well kept secret is getting out!  It is still affordable, however and a great destination should you choose to go.  I will be posting photos once I get them downloaded, but man, I am tired!  Such a good weekend and good friends who came to the convention.  So good to see those people!!

I absolutely have to give major kudos to the staff of the convention for taking great care of us the whole weekend.  We were well fed and watered and in 100 degree heat that was very necessary.  I also give kudos to them for the efficient evacuation of the convention center on Sunday when the fire alarm went off and it was an actual emergency.  They had thousands of people to get out of that convention center and they got every one out and there was no mad scramble, it was completely orderly. I give the fans huge credit for that as well, I guess geeks just don’t panic like the general public. 😉 😉  I also have to thank the people who helped me evacuate.  I have a torn meniscus, so walking stairs is tough at best AND I am severely anemic, so after two sets of stairs, I was completely white and only wanted to sit down.  The pace was just too fast for me and the anemia…….sigh……once I could stop and take a couple deep breaths I was good again, but there wasn’t time for that until they got me outside.  Once outside, we were taken to a pre-arranged place and role was taken.  This was for guests and all.  KUDOS organizers for training your people well!!  They did good in my book!


Calistoga Fun

Every year, over the first weekend in May, is the winemaker’s dinner at Vincent Arroyo’s winery in Calistoga. Man, it is the best time. Great wine, great food and always great company. Went with the usual suspects once again this year, Julie Fine and Lisa Andreas and had some really great wine and food.
We started by hitting the Culinary Institute of America on our way in to the valley. Had a stupendous lunch there and then took one of the short classes they offer. This one was on flavor and balancing tastes. It was very interesting and has made Julie want to save up and go to their cooking boot camp. We then headed to our hotel to check in and freshen up and then it was on to Freemark Abbey. We got there fairly close to closing and ended up being their favorite people of the day as they kept emptying bottles into our glasses. Best……..tasting…….ever!!!! LOL Then came dinner. Good God after the wine we definitely needed food to soak it up! We went to this little hole in the wall Chinese place that is just wonderful. Their walnut shrimp is really good.

Friday we had spa day.  We went to the Indian Springs spa and I got a facial.  It was wonderful.  I don’t know why I haven’t done them before my skin felt so good afterward.  Then we wandered up to the mineral pool.  Now that is fantastic.  Hot mineral springs water that has been cooled to about 80 degrees and it feels so warm and wonderful.  Floated for a while in the pool and then we had to go and get ready for the winemaker’s dinner.  Thank goodness they have shuttles to ferry us back and forth because the wine was once again flowing freely at the dinner.

Saturday should probably have been spent detoxing but the weather was gorgeous so off we went to another series of wineries. But it was so hot outside however, I couldn’t enjoy drinking any of the wonderful reds that were put in front of us.  Now, I had no problem with the whites………..

Sunday was time to go home.  Such a sad day……..

The loss of a friend

The other day, a wonderful actor and friend of mine passed away.  His name, Jonathan Hardy.  Most of you won’t know him as he was a wonderful New Zealand actor.  In his long career, he spent much time in front of the camera as behind in all of his writings and teaching. He was nominated for an Academy Award as one of the writers of  Breaker Morant.  He was the man in the moon in Moulin Rouge, and the Great Orlando in Ned Kelly just to name a few.  I think he was best known for voicing Rygel in the sci-fi series Farscape. But I think I am biased where that is concerned. You haven’t seen Farscape? Well I suggest you check it out. A show well ahead of its time and exciting to boot.
I will really miss Jonathan, he was witty, thoughtful, and extremely intelligent.  His stories were funny, insightful, and if he knew you well, totally obnoxious. LOL   I just adored him.  I am going to miss him saying to me, “take care and keep up with the pills”.  LOL  Who is going to remind me now?


Summer reminisces

What fun things did you do as a child during the summer?  I remember summer days running through the sprinkler in the back yard.  It was enough. To be with my friends, screaming and running through the cold water.  I liked the 4th of July barbecues with neighbors and friends and making home made ice cream in the maker with the crank handle, not an electric maker.  Catching frogs down at the pond.  Yes I helped my brothers catch frogs when I was a kid.  I think my brothers single handedly removed every frog from the pond down the street because to this day, you never here they croaking at night.  We used to feed the raccoon that came around.  His name was Bandit. He would sit outside patiently till you brought him an egg. We would sit outside till well after dark playing through the woods.  The best hide and seek was in the woods after dark.  We never worried about anything. We had a childhood and we loved it. We were lucky, very lucky and happy

All those in Australia, I hope you will come see this film and report back.  😀 😀 

Starring Dan Wyllie (Underbelly, Animal Kingdom, Love My Way), Bojana Novakovic (Edge of Darkness, Not Suitable for Children, Satisfaction), Gary Waddell (The Proposition, Killing Time, Chopper), Luke Ford (Animal Kingdom, Black Balloon), Anthony Hayes (The Slap, Suburban Mayhem) andLani John Tupu (Mission Impossible, Lantana)
Open inspection at the house-for-sale in the quiet, leafy neighbourhood… Max, science teacher, and Therese, tax accountant, decide that here is the house for them.
Unsuspecting, they buy and move in, finding a nice family on one side and, well, “interesting” on the other. But interesting soon becomes loud, and loud soon becomes intolerable and when the intolerable becomes the violent, and the police are powerless to do anything, and the community lawyer suggests ear plugs, Max and Therese are forced to try and solve the problem of the neighbour from hell themselves…and end up with a corpse on their hands.
But even that’s not the worst of it, because the corpse from hell has friends…and even worse, enemies…

6:00pm, Sunday 8th July
Hoyts Paris Cinemas
Entertainment Quarter
Fox Studios

 National release date: July 12, in SYD, MEL, & PER.July 19 in ADE. BRI & TAS TBC
Running Time: 102 mins
Rated: MA15+ – Frequent strong coarse language and violence


The King is Dead promo poster

Today is Christmas.

What did you do today?

Christmas is a great time of year.  It takes all year to get here and is gone in an instant.  What did you do to make it memorable?  I decorated my condo, had lots of good intentions and didn’t do one thing. Did visit with family however.  To me, that is what is important for the holidays.  You never know how much time you or your loved ones have left so to me, spending that time is important.  But I gotta tell you, my hands are raw from all the dishes, pots and pans and silver I washed over the last few days.  When next this comes to my house…….. PAPER PLATES PEOPLE, PAPER PLATES!    I’m not proud.  I can set a mean table with paper plates!!  Can’t you?  😉 😉

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